Leveraging innovative digital technologies, ISG is backed by a team of experienced Research Analysts, Moderators, Interviewers and Quality Control personnel to ensure fieldwork quality – providing a full range of Qualitative and Quantitative services for most Market Research solutions.

We work closely with our clients to determine their specific needs, before recommending the right, customized research solution to maximise relevant results, with the lowest cost. We are resourceful and flexible with our data collection, and have the capacity to collect even very large samples.

Our Key Expertise include:


To understand the underlying consumer motivation and big data, there’s nothing more effective than B2C and B2B Qualitative Research. Combining behavioural economics and human psychology, we are well-equipped to understand and analyze the factors behind human behavior.

Focus Group

One of the most cost-effective methods to gather a wide range of qualitative research data, interviewing a group of people in focus groups can help firms validate themes and ideas.

In-depth Interviews

If you need extremely precise, crucial qualitative primary market research information from busier target audience, then in-depth telephone interviews are recommended.


Finding and recruiting suitable target audience based on your specific criteria can be the most difficult and tedious part of market research. With our connections, let us ease the process for you.


ISG’s moderators are well-trained and experienced researchers who are familiar with moderating interviews to maximise relevant results.


Results from quantitative research provide solid indicators to validate your theories and help plan for strategies that work:


When focusing on B2B or niche audiences, they are often not available in person or online- that is when a telephone approach is most feasible for high quality, structured data.


ISG researchers carry out face-to-face interviewing, aided by computer or tablet for faster turnarounds and more accurate results.


Online surveys are the most effective and cost-efficient method of collecting a large sample of quantitative market research data.

Face-to-Face Survey

ISG is able to conduct a wide range of face-to-face surveys nationwide, including Brunei.

Car Clinics

ISG specializes in conducting market test and collecting customer’s in-depth feedback on a car model or new concept.

Mystery Shopping

ISG recruits and trains independent shoppers in this field-based research method to pose as customers to gather in-person customer experience data about product quality and service delivery by retail firms.

Why Us?

ISG specializes in collecting your target customers’ data and converting them into customer intelligence, to help you optimize your marketing strategies. We are:


ISG Research Consultants are carefully trained and tested in Marketing and Research Methods.


ISG Senior Research Consultants have at least 10 years of hands-on working experience in Marketing and Research.


ISG is established for more than 20 years, with combined marketing consultancy and research experience of over 80 years. We have served an extensive, diverse list of satisfied repeat clients.


ISG’s unique, stringent research approach is based on the proprietary methodology developed by Eastern Consulting Group (ECG), our marketing strategy partner.


ISG completes every research, every time, with accurate and reliable results. You’ll always get our response, in 24 hours or less.

Industry Experience

For more than 20 years, ISG has provided valuable and timely market research solutions to a wide variety of local and global companies, as well as organisations. Our proven results in almost every industry have consistently brought us new clients by word-of-mouth, especially clients from competitive industries, such as Banking & Finance, Insurance, Telecommunications and Automotive sectors.

ISG pioneered the Annual Customer Satisfaction Index for the Malaysian Automotive Industry, and is currently on the panel of appointed marketing researcher for several large MNCs, including Toyota, Ambank, Perodua, Nissan and The Gallup Organization.

ISG has also previously represented Yankee Group of USA, a premier research and planning services company specializing in IT and telecommunications industry.