To conduct reliable research, ISG is supported by professional, up-to-date facilities

Focus Group Discussion Facility

The Focus Group Room is able to accommodate up to 20 participants and is fully equipped with:

  1. Ultra-sensitive Microphones for Audio Recording
  2. Closed-circuit Video Cameras for Visual Recording
  3. Conference Tables and Chairs
  4. Whiteboards

Also comes with an adjoining Observation Room, where up to 9 observers can watch and listen to the discussions from a one-way mirror. ISG may also utilize neutral venues that are more conducive for participants.

Call Centre with Computer-Assisted Telephone Interview (CATI) System

With 32 out of 56 of ISG’s telephone interview stations in its Kuala Lumpur office equipped with full CATI System with Voice-Logger, conducted interviews are 100% recorded for accuracy and authenticity, ready for playback when needed.

CATI enables more complex questionnaires to be conducted smoothly and effectively. ISG’s phone interviewers are native speakers carefully vetted for their experience, expertise and eloquence, as well as regularly and extensively trained in market research surveys. Every session is also monitored carefully by a supervisor, who listens in periodically.