Banking & Finance Project

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ISG had been doing Project Satisfaction study on various brands of banking & finance in Malaysia for many years. ISG is using CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview) for most Project Satisfaction. To maintain our quantity and quality, we ensure that our professional interviewer is well-trained and experienced. Hence, the Quality Checking will be done on daily basis.  ISG combines rigorous quality controls with a tireless work ethic to ensure that research is on brief, on budget and on time.

There are two of the greatest benefits of satisfied customers which are customer loyalty and increased profitability. They often refer their friends and families to their preferred banks and are willing to pay premium price for products or services that they like and trust. In addition, they are also unlikely to switch to others bank or others financial provider because they are happy with their current bank.

Regular measurement of customer satisfaction will helps to identify quality improvement requirements to enhance customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention.

ISG are using NPS (Net Promoting Scale) and RSI (Relationship Strength Index) to identify these applications:

  • To identify the drivers of customer satisfaction and their relative importance
  • To identify strengths and weaknesses from the customers point of view
  • To pinpoint the specific areas requiring immediate improvement
  • To measure how well the brand are satisfying customer needs in relation to competitors
  • To identify potential differentiation opportunities